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Stebbins. (Felt tip pen. 2014)
Sweet. (Post it note art!, Permanent marker, 2013)

moneyneverchanged asked: My friend and I found your tumblr at an art store downtown! Love your art, Very talented.❤️

Ahhhh! Thank you so much, I really love that people actually checked me out on here! Such great vibes, thank you! :)

sweet-sophrosyne asked: I'm so glad I went to the art store today and found your tumblr, you're so very talented!

WOW. I am so very touched right now, this means so much to me! Thank you!!! :)

Eight Symphonies. Based on an idea of fake movie posters from 2010.Pen and Ink, edited in Photoshop. January 2014.
Just some bird doodles!Photoshop paint, ten minutes, Dec 2013
David Warner, pen & ink, 2013I can’t believe I didn’t put this one up sooner.
Charlie Watts (Photoshop painting)October 8, 2013
Syd Barrett, photoshop painting, 2013
I have been having so much fun making these!I do miss you so much, Syd.
Jarvis Cocker, photoshop paint, 2013This is one of my favourite pieces that I can’t believe I made. 
Charlie Watts, pen & ink, 2013
Pete Townshend, Pen & Ink, 2013I love rockstars, okay?